spawn «spn», noun, verb.
1. a) the eggs of fish, frogs, shellfish, and other animals growing or living in water: »

The boys dug up some little pockets of spawn at the water's edge.

SYNONYM(S): roe. b) the young that are newly hatched from such eggs: »

The water was full of wriggling spawn.

2. offspring, especially a large number of offspring; swarming brood. SYNONYM(S): progeny.
3. Figurative. a person regarded as the offspring of some stock, or as imbued with some quality or principle: »

Tyrants are but the spawn of Ignorance, Begotten by the slaves they trample on (James Russell Lowell).

4. Figurative. a product, result, or effect.
5. the mass of white, threadlike fibers (mycelium) from which mushrooms grow.
[< verb]
1. (of fish, frogs, shellfish, and other animals growing or living in water) to produce eggs.
2. to increase or develop like spawn; become reproductive.
1. to produce (spawn).
2. to bring forth; give birth to: »

Figurative. [He] himself had spawned a political hassle with a proposed new election law (Newsweek).

SYNONYM(S): produce.
3. to supply with spawn (mycelium).
[< Anglo-French espaundre, Old French espandre < Latin expandere spread out. See etym. of doublet expand. (Cf.expand)]
spawn´er, noun.

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